getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, kinda scared because i’ve never been put under before

How am i supposed to have fun at prom with a guy thats talking to another girl, he’s literally dating her. I just feel so uncomfortable in general. I wanted the spotlight to be on me since it’s my prom, but he’s gonna be busy thinking about a different girl. Wow this is just so awkward aint it.

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" I wish I could tell you about the first time he told me he loved me, but I’m not sure if I was even listening. For years, I was the only person who couldn’t see that he had a fire in his eyes when he looked at me.
But I could tell you about the first time he told me he didn’t love me anymore and how my bones cracked along with my voice, and the blood in my veins froze.
That’s the thing. That’s always going to be the thing. For months, years, or even decades someone can scream that they love you and you don’t really know if you feel it, but the second that person says they don’t love you anymore, you can feel every ounce of yourself being drained out of your body.
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" I am an invisible girl who falls for boys that shine like stars. "
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" I will never stop losing my breath every time I see you looking back at me. "